• Your Life Can Be Changed

    Do you feel stuck?

    Are you tired and frustrated of feeling stuck?

    Are you afraid that you will never be able to change?

    Are you staying away from some certain situations?

    Would you like to have better control of your reactions to your phobias?


    All the ....nervousness, heart pumping, dizziness, needing to 'get out now', angst, upset, embarrassment, panic, jittery feeling, restlessness, skin crawling sensation, stomach upset, sadness, frustration and more ...

  • Imagine for a minute....

    ...of the wonderful opportunities you had been passing, due to fear;

    ...of the excitement accessing the venues you have been avoiding;

    ...of the confidence your can be equipped with to handle "the" situation.


    If you had given up over the years,

    and have accepted that you'll have to live with "your" phobias,

    yet am getting increasingly weary and tired....

    Learn the tools and techniques to free yourself

    so you can achieve more joy in your life!


    Being more calm, confident & joyful is Possible!

  • But How !?

    We will use a technique called Meridian Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

    EFT has proven to be effective for phobias in ways that no other methods have.

    Especially once we identify what event got the phobia started,

    the results can be a complete elimination of your phobia.

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  • "Tell Me More About the

    Phobia Eliminiation Process"

    Tapping on Meridians while Focusing Recreates the Brain Connection

  • Some Real Examples

    Here are a few of my face-to-face session case studies.

    Snake Phobia

    Case Study

    Client had a 50 minute session for snake phobia. She could not step into her daughter's classroom where the teacher had brought in a snake, and would freeze at the entrance of a pet shop at the sight of a snake.


    Initially at the session I asked, "what would be your response if I told you there's a little snake hiding behind this desk?" - client responded - "I'm out of here."


    After exploration, tapping, and breathing, I asked, "what would you say now if there's a little snake here?" "Well, I know that's not true so that's nothing."


    Client was asked to report back going into a pet shop. A little while later, client sends in a photo of her holding a Massive Python with the following comment.










    Her friend of 30 years later shared during her EFT session:


    "For her to be touching a huge snake like that..... (shaking head). You don't understand....that's just unbelievable...."

    Case Study

    Client initially showed up slightly curious and willing to tap for her snake phobia. Client reported other pressing phobias at the time of intake, however.

    First Session

    Since claustrophobia seemed to be a bigger issue, we started tapping on this. We tapped on the incident of when he was very young, and when he was locked in the bathroom while brother let some firework off - which dearly frightened him.


    Client's was to check on "elevator & dark hallways" that have bothered her. Unfortunately, there did not seem to be major improvement specifically for the elevators. However, client noticed her snake phobia has interestingly diminished.

    Following Sessions

    3 months later, client came back for 2 more sessions to prepare for an upcoming event. This was an opportunity not to be missed for him, however there was some major concerns.

    The location with no windows and escape was already giving client so much anxiety, and sadness that perhaps he will not be able to take part in the event.

    We have had two 90 min sessions in two days. At the end, client was feeling calm and gained a sense of control that the situation will be handled just fine.


    After the event was over, client reported there was no dreaded physical responses (such as feeling sweaty and hot, and the need to get out). Quite interestingly, other people were complaining of heat more than him, and this was a completely new experience for him.

    Claustrophobia is Gone!

    Client's Feedback

    "This process allowed me to begin to explore deeper into the meaning that I had attached to a traumatic event. As I followed the tapping sequence, it seemed that new thoughts, feelings, and ideas about what had happened to me began to surface. There was a shift of energy flow. I had an unexpected realization that made me very emotional. It was at this moment that I felt we reached the "root" of the issue. I had fully processed and let go of what had surfaced. Afterwards I felt totally and completely calm, even when I thought of the thing that had caused so much anxiety prior to the session. Mitsuko held the space very beautifully and was fully present with me throughout the session.


    "I had known something about EFT prior to working with Mitsuko, but having gone through the process in much greater depth, I feel as though I have a much better feeling about how to tap on my own to work through things. I really appreciated her calm, open and neutral energy that created a space for me to relax and move through the session with ease. I am very grateful!"


    Note: Client later reported with enthusiasm that her back pain she had suffered (due to the fracture from the fall) has slowly dissipated, and eventually completely went away in about two weeks after the EFT session.

    And More...

    Please visit the blog to see more case studies.

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  • About

    TMJ Massage Specialist & (Soon to be Certified) EFT Practitioner

    Mitsuko Ito

    My interest for EFT came from ways of searching stress relief and management tools. As a TMJ massage and myofascial trigger point therapist, the link between pain and stress level is very clear. For example, there is an increased risk of unconscious grinding when you are stressed or upset, which leads to TMJD. At the same time, chronic pain leads to uncertainties, fear and stress. EFT has been helpful in addressing and managing such fear, stress and pain to cut the negative cycle.


    In researching and practicing EFT, I grew increasingly fascinated with all of EFT's potential, so much so that I wanted to expand my practice to offer EFT. Since I know how Fear can be so limiting to people's lives, I decided to offer this service to those suffering with a very unique type of fear, Phobia. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how this simple and easy to learn technique can upgrade your quality of life.


    I am currently pursuing certification from AAMET with Ann Adams who has 40 years of clinical experience with EFT and who has worked closely with Gary Craig, the founder of EFT.


    It's a huge joy for me to witness such change, seeing clients smile with how much more they are at ease. I look forward to sharing time with you tapping away your phobia!


    日本語でのEFTのセッションも、スカイプや電話を通してできます。お気軽にお問い合わせください。(I offer EFT Sessions in Japanese as well. )

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